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Welcome to Kirkland and Catterall St Helen's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

“A Christian Family who equip one another to soar”

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Robins - YR & Y1

Welcome to Robins Class

(Year R & Year 1)

Mrs Hilton-Briggs is our teacher
Mrs Roskell is our teaching assistant

Mr Eccles is our teaching assistant

Development Matters is used by our team to facilitate our child centred and play based approach to learning. It is used to assess child development on an individual basis and provide checkpoints through the school year. Please click on the link below to find out what the assessment checkpoints are in the Reception Year.

Please see below for the Summer Term Robins Curriculum Newsletter

An exciting topic to end our school year! Summer Term 2022

What can we do to be kind to our planet?

Earth Day 2022

Today we are thinking about how to look after our planet.

These are just some of our ideas of the things we could do.

"Pick up rubbish."

"If we don't like the food, we should not waste it."

"Don't throw rubbish into rivers or roads."

"Don't throw rubbish in canals."

"Plant more plants to make the world look pretty."

"Switch the lights off when you don't need them on."

"Don't leave the tap on when you are brushing your teeth."


We spent the afternoon picking up rubbish from around our playground whilst marvelling at the beauty of our surroundings!

Look at what we found and saw. 


We are really enjoying our forest school mornings on 'Wellie Wednesday.' We have been toasting marshmallows and chocolate bread, planting bulbs and so much more! 


Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the year of the tiger and we made dragons, tiger masks and did some Chinese writing to put in red envelopes. After that we paraded across the playground and through school.

It's Winter!

Let's learn about seasonal change.

I wonder what Robin Bear would see outside if you took him for a walk?

What would he notice?


We are busy scientists learning about materials this term. We have been sorting rubbish into plastic, wood, metal, fabric and glass. We have been learning scientific words such as flexible, rigid, hard, soft, smooth and rough. Look at the fun time we had with balloons! Can you remember the name of the material that balloons are made from?

Let's look back and remember some exciting thing we did last term.

Autumn Term 2021

Leaf Man

Yummy Bonfire Treats!

We had fun using a pincer grip to hold the golf tee and tapping them into the pumpkin!

Look at our fabulous PE lesson with Jack!