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20th September 19
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Eagles - Y5 & Y6

Welcome to Eagles (Year 5 & Year 6)


Mrs Selway and Mr Scholz are our teachers

Mrs Hughes, Mrs Wood and Mrs Woodhouse
 are our teaching assistants


Please click here to view the latest copy of our class curriculum newsletter

Our current RE topic in class is:


Within this topic we will be finding evidence in the Bible which gives us a better understanding of who Jesus was. We will also consider what Jesus means to us now and what he means to the rest of our global, Christian family.


We are now in the season of Epiphany. Where does this belong on our Big Frieze?


* BEEFCAKE - Why do you think this season is called Epiphany? Hint - try looking up the word Epiphany in a dictionary.

In Topic this term we will be 'zooming in' on Blackpool and other coastal towns, investigating their origins and trying to understand how they have evolved over time and the possible reasons for their evolution. We will also be studying the work of famous landscape artists, unpicking their techniques and critiquing their styles. We will then use our new knowledge and expertise to create our own, ocean-themed artwork. In Design and Technology we will be exploring cams and mechanisms. We will then be designing our own moving toys using some of the cams we have investigated.


Watch the video below to see how Blackpool has changed over the years.

Which buildings have mostly remained the same?

Why do you think that is?

Which era do you prefer and why?