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23rd January 20
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Owls - Y4 & Y5

Welcome to Owls (Year 4 & Year 5)


Miss Whiteside is our teacher.

Mrs Woodhouse, Mr Briggs and Mrs Wood are our teaching assistants.



Welcome Owls!

We are very excited to begin our new whole school topic, Lost World.


Autumn Term

Please click here for Owls' Autumn Newsletter.

Big Buddy Workout NSPCC


Check us out enjoying our Big Buddy Workout dance session on the 18th October!




Posted: 28th Oct 2019

Place Value and Calculations

We have already begun looking at place value and developing our understanding of the value of digits, reading and writing numbers and finding 1000 more and less than a given number. We have been ordering and comparing numbers and have just started rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Year 5 have even been exploring extremely large numbers into the millions! 

This half term, coming up to Christmas, we will be working really hard at solving calculations. We are already super at working out additions, next we will be solving subtractions before moving onto multiplication and divisions.


Posted: 28th Oct 2019

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We have absolutely loved this first half term and have been really thrilled in our English lessons. We have completed guided reading with the story, role played and hot seated main characters and dug deep into what the characters were feeling and thinking. At the moment, we are writing our own versions of the story, where we have innovated the characters and even made up our own candy invention machine for the factory. So far, the children's stories are brilliant! I can't wait to continue reading them. 


Posted: 28th Oct 2019

Living Things and their Habitats

What an interesting topic to start our year in Owls. We have enjoyed classifying animals, including vertebrates and invertebrates, and plants into groups. We also went on an invertebrate hunt in the garden, where we found spiders, woodlice, ants, butterflies and worms to name a few! Also, we began looking at the dangers to living things and thinking about how humans can negatively impact on the environment.