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26th January 20
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Herons - Y1 & Y2

Welcome to Herons (Year 1 & Year 2)


 Mrs Simpson is our teacher (currently on maternity leave)

Miss Woods is our teacher covering maternity leave

Mrs Jones, Mr Briggs and Mrs Woodhouse are our teaching assistants

Autumn Term

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This term, we have been learning all about different habitats around the world. We have looked at how different animals and plants survive in their habitats and how some animals and plants depend on each other to survive. We have also discussed the dangers to living things in the different habitats. We have enjoyed learning all about different animals and finding out lots of interesting facts too!

Over the half term holiday, Herons have made the most amazing diorama on a variety of different habitats! We have rainforests, woodlands, oceans, deserts and polar habitats!