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25th August 19
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Herons - Y1 & Y2

Welcome to Herons (Year 1 & Year 2)


Mrs Simpson is our teacher
Mrs Jones is our teaching assistant


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Summer Term

Through the Telescope!


Our new whole school topic is...

The children have been really excited to start this topic with lots of exciting ideas! 

We have been busy creating our new pirate role-play area! 

Marvellous Maths!



Herons have been doing some fantastic practical Maths work. 

Take a look at our pictures below to see how we use different resources to help us with our learning!

Spring Term



Our new whole school topic is...

We are very excited to be starting our brand new topic Zoom! 

We have already began creating our classroom Space Station, complete with Spaceship!

We have also had a visit from the Travelling Space Dome and started learning all about the planets and our Solar System!

I'm not sure who is more excited...

the children or Mrs Simpson! :)

Space Dome


Space Dome!

Herons had a very big treat this week! We were visited by the travelling space dome! 

Inside the dome we learnt many facts about our solar system! We looked at all of the different planets, talked about how they were different to one another and how we can tell them apart. 

We also talked about the sun and the moon and learnt lots of exciting facts! 

Jayden - "The space dome was really fun because I liked it when it went really dark and you could see all the stars!"

Amos - "I learnt that Venus is the hottest planet."

Adam - "Did you know that the sun isn't a planet? It is a star. It is a burning ball of gas."

James - "I liked all the information and the videos."

Emily - "We saw lots of stars and planets. Jupiter is the biggest planet."




Space art


Fabulous Space Art!

In Art lessons we have been using our painting skills to create planetary pictures!

First we created a marble effect by mixing lots of bright coloured paints then folding the paper together. Then we used stencils to cut out shapes of planets in our solar system.

Then flicked white paint to create a starry background!



Autumn Term

Heroes & Heroines!


Our new topic is Heroes & Heroines! 

Our new topic has gotten off to a flying start! We have been thinking about what it means to be a hero and who our heroes are. 

We have also been talking about heroes in our community and the different jobs that people do!

Soon we will be learning about heroes and heroines in our history and how they have affected life today.

Mental Health Day


In Science we have been learning about keeping our bodies happy and healthy. Because today is Mental Health Day we have talked about not only keeping our bodies healthy, but our keeping our brains healthy too!

We have had circle time with our class worry monster Munchy! We talked about how worries make us feel, and the different things we can worry about. We've discussed how important it is to talk about our worries, and we have talked about how we can help each other with them.

We have listened to the story Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and then we have made our own worry dolls! We have used wooden clothes pegs and different materials to make our worry dolls, scroll down to see pictures of our fabulous work!





Autumn Days!

We made the most of the windy weather today!

We had a lot of fun taking Autumn pictures outside!

The children could tell me all about Autumn, how the leaves turn brown and fall off the trees and how it gets darker earlier in the evening! :)


Reading Pledge Day!

What a wonderful day we had dressing up as heroes and heroines from our favourite stories!

We have spent the day exploring different books, designing front covers and describing why we think our characters are heroes!

We have talked about how lucky we are to have so many wonderful books in school for us to read.

The children also had an extra special treat! The teachers of Kirkland & Caterall acted out the story of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson for the whole school! 


God & Creation


God & Creation!

We have been learning all about the creation story.

We have talked about what it means to be creative and the children have made their own creations!

Scroll down to see pictures of our different creations!