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16th July 20
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Team Kirkland (PTFA)

Who are Team Kirkland?

The original 'Friends' committee was formed in 1984 and is still going strong today, we are now called Team Kirkland!

The Committee:

… Our comittee consists of Kate Pollard (Chairperson) Rachel Norton (Vice Chair), Penny Kershaw (Treasurer), Deborah Dodd (Secretary) with approximately 8 other members, but we are always looking for more!


... We meet once a month during term time at school or The Horns Inn. These meetings are very informal and a very social affair but we always comeout with a plan of action. We are a very friendly open group so please don’t be shy! New ideas are really welcome. Dates for meetings will appear on St. Helens Herald.

How to get involved

... There are many ways you can support Team Kirkland. Offering to help at an event, whether it's hands on before, during or even the tidying up andputting away of equipment after the event. Any kind of help is always welcome & there are always those little jobs that need to be done behind the scenes e.g. wrapping presents, collecting raffle prizes & baking!


... Throughout the year we plan many fundraising events, along with many social events for our children, family and friends. Some of our most popular events are the Christmas Fair, Easter Egg Bingo & Summer Fun Day, Book Fairs, Pub Quiz, Christmas Shopping Night, Giving Machine, Beetle Drive & a Film Night!

Money Raised

... This is spent on the extras that the school budget does not always run to. Friends are there to support the school & the children. We are able to do this by subsidising the coaches for school trips, visiting theatre groups & those special days e.g. Lego Day. Plus the purchasing of additional sports equipment, gifts for Christmas, school leavers etc.

Please see our section on the St. Helen's Herald for our latest news & fundraising events. 

Thank you