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16th July 20
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Worship & Values

Worship is at the very heart of daily life at Kirkland & Catterall, St. Helen's...



It openly places God at the centre of daily life in our Church of England School and therefore acknowledges God as the heartbeat.

Worship is a time when the whole school comes together as a family to focus on God and collectively feel, listen to, experience, celebrate and share the heartbeat.

God's presence pulses throughout every aspect of school life and beyond, into the community.

It provides an opportunity for the school community to develop their own personal relationship with God and discover God within their own heartbeat.

Worship makes an enormous contribution to the ethos of our school, but more importantly, it is the stimulus which flows throughout the whole life of the school.

In the same way that we are encouraged to look after our hearts and keep them healthy, we must strive to ensure that the heartbeat of our school is kept strong and healthy by making our worship meaningful and relevant, for it is that heartbeat that makes Kirkland & Catterall St. Helen's Church of England Primary School so very special.

We focus on a different Christian Value every half term. Our adopted Values are: Generosity, Perseverance, Respect, Service, Compassion, Forgiveness, Friendship, Courage, Trust, Truthfulness, Justice and Thankfulness.

Our Christian Value for the Spring half term is Friendship.

Have you had a look at our Christian Values tree in the entrance to school?



Please click on the pictures below to view our home school values..

Our weekly Worship Timetable:

  Collective Worship: Led by:




 Mrs Warburton (Headteacher) or
 Mr Scholz (Deputy Headteacher)



 Praise and Prayer All teachers on a rotation basis 



 SEAL  All teachers on weekly rotation in house groups



 Clergy Worship  Rev'd Andrew Wilkinson or
 other denominational visitors and friends of school



 Class celebration/circle time

 All teachers on a rotation basis

We are lucky to work very closely with the Parish Church of St. Helen, Churchtown. Worship is shared with our Clergy on Thursday mornings, led by either our Vicar, Rev'd Andrew Wilkinson or The Lay reader Audrey Ashbridge. Clergy Worship is very interactive, with all children enjoying taking part in the acting out of stories shared from the Bible. Our children respond well and learn a great deal from this experience.

Worship themes aren't restricted to our collective times in the hall, Worship is taken back into the classroom and is reflected in each and every child in school through fantastic teaching. Each class also has a Worship Table where children can engage with prayer and interact with our half-termly Value.

The children take part in Worship every day. On Monday mornings, everyone takes part in Celebration Worship, where we share our successes from the week and rejoice in achievements. We celebrate the Headteacher's Awards; Writers of the Week; Class Stars of the Week and House Point Achievements. Children can bring in any personal achievements from home to celebrate and share. We share our 'Power in Me Song' an uplifting, feel-good song that we always look forward to.

Once a half-term, we invite parents and the community to share in Holy Communion in the school hall. Rev'd Wilkinson leads the service, the children provide the readings and prayers and Rev'd Wilkinson administers the bread and the wine, whilst explaining why we are sharing it. Our new service has a really lovely, special, spiritual feel to it, why not come and share with us next time?